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Hello my name is Pacsus and I'm a freelance writer who creates just about anything that comes to heart. I'm still working hard on my writing skills but I do my best at what I love and that's all I can say.

Thank you for spending the time to read about me.

You can find me and learn more about my works here.



Argent Blanco Screenshot02
A screenshot from my visual novel Argent Blanco

Background is currently WIP.

Menu graphics is currently WIP.

Character sprites by :iconprophosphere:

All updates can be found here =>


Argent Scarlet01 by Pacsus

The day strains as the afternoon suns starts their decline. Nearing the turning point of White's Mountain, quickly approaching their destination, Karen and Pamela rush with their weapons in hand as they blaze up the brown trail pathway. As they approach a circular clearing- "Jyaaaa!" They are surrounded with the sharp spears of Rubbermaid-en dolls. The two girls now back to back as the mini army of some 6 or 7 closes in.

"Danm, when did they sneak up on us?!" Karen bites her lip as she protest.

"Someone may have told them to set this ambush up."

The Co.Captain clenches her fist and grinds her teeth. "It had to be Verta, that bitch!"

"We can't give up yet Karen..."Admits the confusion a soft lemon yellow wave emits from the tiny captain's body.

"Huh? What the heck?"

"What's the matter?"

The commander wraps her hands around her shoulders and kneels to the ground. "Something..doesn't feel right..." in a pained voice she cries out.

A quake pulses through the earth below. The wave shakes the nearby trees, gathers the rocks together in a collection of riddling chaos all before ultimately the ground implodes, pulverizing the Rubbermaid-en dolls almost 5 stories in the dirt below. Pamela grabs hold of the side of the newly formed crater. With her free hand she catches onto Karen Galleta.

The Co.Captain stares into the makeshift abyss, weary. "Whoa, that's a long drop!"

"Thanks for the input!" Pamela replies, struggling to keep herself up.

"Wah! My Rubbermaid-en's!"

Entering from above the crater, Verta Cheddar keeper and creator of the Supreme Moon. The earth trembles with vigorous force as a figure roughly the size of a small house raises from the dirt, cracking the world below as it emerges. Within the pit a cluster of Rubbermaid-en's dolls raise to their feet and await the new creature as it forms itself. The onyx black around a silver metallic body with its cylinder like shape leaves an impression on the crushed rock. Ripples of white engrosses its outer shell as the light of the afternoon sun captures its body. Verta cautiously lunges back in awe. "Ah, it's the legendary Argent Beast...Ilios!"





A triangle forms in the center of the beast, the color, a pure red, no glow or shine emerges around the ominous shape.

"Rubbermaid-en's, get out of there before Ilios attacks!" Cheddar shouts from the top of her lungs but the retreat is in vain. Ilios the great shines a white tone and fiery RED burns from it's white pours. A heatwave so great charring a dark black on the surface of the ground. The soldiers below take the brunt of the spectrum and a few are seared and turn to nothing but ash.

"Ahh...ahh...My feels heavy." Still swinging from the ledge only being held up by Pamela's will, the Captain of the Nacho Supreme gives all her weight to gravity.

"Wait, give me a second! I'll pull us both up!" Pamela strains her body as she lifts herself to the surface above the slaughter. "Ahhhhh!" With one fell swoop she manages to get Karen's limp body to the edge. The petite girl catches on but fails to pull her own weight up to the surface."Arrgg.... Ahh...I...I don't have the strength to pull myself up."

"Supreme SUN! Supreme SUN!" The beast roars like a lion in the wild. In response a small quake blast through the dome. "Arrrggg!" A blazing burn rushes through Karen's chest.

"KAREN?! What's wrong?!"

"I don't know...I... I think it" But before she has the chance to answer the trimmer grows fierce and the ledge that they both hang from gives way to gravity.

"Just my luck..." Plummeting to the earth Pamela reaches out and holds Karen close to her breast. "Cobalt Shield!" A hot BLUE engulfs the two as they fall and slam into the rocks below. The heat from the serge of fire still protruding through the dome they find themselves in. Rubbermaid-en's soldiers surround them.

"You are under arrest! You are under-" A hot RED destroys the charming face of a maiden above them. Pamela takes the hint, rolls to the side just as the next ray connects with the second maiden's cylinder body, marking that the battle has begun.

"Pamela, if you want to live listen to me!" Verta shouts from the platform above. The protector holds the little captain in her arms as she focuses intently on Verta.

"That right there is an ancient beast from the 'World of the Seven Hymn.' It was created at the beginning of the Argent Mist!"

"So, this is the ancient beast that sleeps within the White Mountain, huh?" Tofu nods.

"It's main function is to gather power from the sun and use it as a generator to extent its own strength. But with the creation of the SUPREME SUN it's using it as a new energy source making it's power all the greater."

Pamela clenches Karen's soft shoulders. Her breathing is labored now from the sudden trauma. "So, it's in turn taking power from Karen. So that's why..." Tofu looks at Galleta who has sweat trickling down her cheeks. A glare of RED heat cast it's shadow on the two of them, the beast channels another fiery spectrum.

"It's extremely intelligent and can read the moves of its enemies. The only way to win this battle is by overwhelming the foe so it can't predict your movements-" Verta is interrupted by the enormous blast of violent RED shot out from its triangular mouth.

"Ahh!" Pamela dives to the side. A surge of heat burns across the ground missing its target by a few inches.

"Pammy!" Verta shrieks as she begins to remove her long dark trench coat. "I'm coming down to help you!"

"No!" Pamela halts her with the palm of her hand.


She then runs to the side of the encave still coddling Karen. "You can't come down here, Verta. The walls are too narrow and there's no way to get back up from here if you get trapped like Karen and I. This enclosed space is a perfect battle ground for this Ilios Argent Beast."

"Well I can't support you from here!" Verta stomps on the ground. "It's suicide to stay down there alone!"

"Just listen to me!" Pamela turns upward to Verta. "Trust my bad luck! It put me in this situation, if I can hold out until the Supreme Sun falls and the Supreme Moon rises the beast power will lower, right?!"

"That's right, it's almost nightfall! But there's no way you'll live that long!" Verta cups her chest "I can't lose you like this!"

"Then trust my bad luck!" Pamela repeats firmly.

With the passion of determination in the blue haired girls eyes...Verta at a lost holds her sword downward and stares blankly. Another scorching blast of RED covers the ground as Pamela sways in response. The beast then rotates around wildly. With a perfect sphere shaped like a pool ball the beast speeds its way up the side of the wall.

"VERTA!" Tofu screams.

"Huh?! Wait, no you don't!" A BLUE field covers the surrounding enclose knocking the beast back down to the earth. "It's trying to escape?!"

"Don't let that happen!"

Cheddar shakes her head then nods firmly. "Right!" The circular sphere rotates around the coliseum. "Pamela, just hold out until the sun goes down so please, don't die!"

"Right, I'll do my best!" Is all she could muster in response. The situation was grave, that was apparent.

The black sphere rolls down the side of the hill leaving skied marks in its wake. "Whoa!" She sways to the left nearly missing the fatal blow. The Argent Beast boomerangs back around and spins in place for a couple of rotations then ricochet again searching out the king of the Supreme Sun.

"Supreme Sun! Supreme Sun!"

Pamela puts Karen on her shoulders now giving her a piggyback ride. "Nnngg....It's.... it's taking all my energy. I... I can't see Pamela."

"A little longer, the suns almost set. Karen, can you hold out for me until then?"

"I'll...I'll do my best."

A gust of leaf green fills the voided enclose as the beast charges up a holy cascade of vibrant lime. "It's a GREEN spectrum." Pamela confirms as she bites the ends of her lips and searches around. "There! Higher ground! Karen, don't you dare let go, okay?!"

In turn she rushes to the side of the wall, the sphere still looking dead at them as it continues to grow it's spectrum larger surrounding the ground with a needless mold. Pamela jumps and reaches the sharp end of a ledge. "Arrgg!" Seething hot blood trickles down her palm as the GREEN Spectrum releases, covering the dome floor with a grounded tornado. The contrast of the hot floor and the cold winds create a more powerful Spectrum, one filled with BLUE rain.

"Danm, my previous Spectrum, 'Cobalt Shield' is being used against me."

The harsh winds threaten to blow off the two. Karen's body begins to seep slightly towards the ground at the sudden change of pressure. "I'm holding you back...just let me go." The Co.Captain pleads with her playmate.

"Screw that!" Tofu shouts weakly. "We've just started this investigation, there's no way in heck I'll let my Co.Captain give her life to save me! Just hang in there!"

"But...But I'm useless in this fight! If you don't let might die!"

"Letting you die is the last thing I'll do, Karen. I need you alive for my own selfish reasons too! So please, shut up and let my unluckiness win this fight!"

The GREEN assault thrusts across the abyss . Using different spectrum elements is a normal method when in a fight in the world of Spectrum. Illos being a high powered Argent Beast knows these rules to the world which only makes the monster all the more deadly. In the mist of the GREEN Spectrum the black sphere roared as a BLUE aura formed calmly around it.

"Arraah!" With all her might she grips with the free hand and lifts her and Karen up higher within the crater. They lay flat atop a ridged crease formed by the earthquake. With blood still dripping from her fingers she turns around with her gun in hand. Verta watching from above yells to Pamela."Illos is planning a BLUE Spectrum! He's going to intensify the storm. You have to combat it with the opposite element!

With those words taken to heart she aims her gun at the creature mid Spectrum. "Scarlet BLAST!" A beam of Plasma RED fires directly at the sphere. A burning red explosion lights up the enclave stopping the beasts devastating attack. The hot light's shadow cast vast across the dome making her realize something important. She then looks up to see the suns basically gone and the twin moons rising above slowly.

"Ha! Here it is!" Verta reaches to the sky. "It's my time to shine!" She declares as she holds her hands up towards the heavens. "Hear me my vibrant child in the stars. The voice of your mother who loves you...BRING BACK MY LOVE INTO ME!"

A hallow glinting blue shoots from the Supreme Moon. The ray is so vibrant that it could be seen all across the oceans. The angelic like girl opens her mouth and stretches out her arms as if offering a child it's mother's loving warmth. From within the light ray an Azure Dragon strikes the ruler of the Supreme Moon and wraps it's claws around her slender back. They embrace each other's love for a moment then Cheddar opens her now bright purple eyes, tilts her head slightly leaving a kiss on the nostrils of the beast. In thanks the beast holds her close and digs its head deep in her chest transforming itself into a bright jewel that bulges from her breast. The dragon's mother then holds up her dagger to the sky.

"Please, help me protect the one I love! PLEASE HELP ME SAVE THE PEOPLE I CARE FOR!" Her weapon now transgresses into a large silvery steel gun with four different triggers and five chambers. The wavy barrels branch out in a U-shaped unison that aims to the target ahead. "Eat AZURE led you great black ball of fire!" A silvery BLUE wave shoots at the beast.

The BLACK creature begins it's mindless chant once more. "Supreme SUN! Supreme S-" A direct hit to the center. The sphere roles backwards into the sides of the dome. Like a cracked egg's yolk a piece of it's head is exposed only to reveal a black head bulging from the inside. The creamy texture of the monstrous creature within oozes out of the crack. The substance is pure BLACK, the only part that has any other defining characteristics is it's plain red eyes seeping out the sides. With horrid reproach the creature glares towards Pamela.

In awe at first but like a light, Pamela gains a sinister smirk. "Ah, so this is what the beast we've been searching for all along looks like, Karen? The creature of dark and sun."

"Ah...I can...move again." she says as she lifts her small body off the ground.

"Karen, you should stay up here. I'm going down there in Verta Cheddar's cover fire."

But before she could make her attempt Karen grips hold of Pamela's right arm. She turns to look at her Co.Captain once more.

"I won't let you die either, we're both going, danm it!"

Pamela nods in agreement and takes hold of Karen's second sword. They both rush down the sides and face the beast as it's bombarded with rays of BLUE turquoise. "I won't let you die Pamela! I'm here with you! So be careful, trust your unluckiness!" Verta rallies from the top of the crater.

"Are you ready?!" The captain chants.

"Ready!" Her playmate echoes.


Voyage 2: Red Hymn of the Sun Part I - END

Argent Scarlet01 by Pacsus

Title image was created by :iconchlorophyll:

"Run for it everyone! Be free!" a colorfully spirited voice is heard blasting its way through the halls of the concrete dungeon.

"Where am I?" A cold breeze whispers across the floor. The chill catches the thighs of a young girl who sits with her head buried in her arms surrounded by black shadows.

"Hey, aren't you gonna get out of here?!" Only then does the azure haired girl lifts her bright lime eyes and meets her gaze with a child like girl straggling the iron bars separating the two of them. Her fiery twin-tail hair shines bright like a torch in this hopeless world.

But even with this glimmer of hope..."I'm not going anywhere...I don't belong out there." The solemn ocean hair woman says as she rest her chin on her knees.

The child tilts her head. "It's a prison break! If you don't get out of here you'll be locked up in this crap hole for who knows how long!" she exclaims.

The blue haired girl waits for a moment with her eyes facing the stone floor then gets to her feet slowly and turns to the kid.

"Are you sure you want to test your luck breaking me out of here?" she response with a cold breath.

"I just want to cause a riot." The child smirks devilishly.  "So, What's your name?"

With a brief chuckle she pauses then bites her dried lips. "I'm Pamela Tofu: The Unluckiest Girl in Spectrum."


"Over here." The two girls exit out a side iron door of the facility and start running outside the gates of the concrete prison. Lime green grass flows across the mountain side runway that they travel on. Beautiful white lunar pedals fill the world around them within the foggy mist of the night. The dewy smell of fresh rain and sap trickles their noses as they pass the thick trees. Pamela Tofu follows behind the red-haired wonder. Now with a closer look of the young child she notices that she is carrying two swords strapped to each side of her waist. The blades are far longer than her body and make it appear as if she's carrying around light weight toys more than anything. But by the harsh clank of the metal at each burst of her hips swaying from left to right it is apparent that they are indeed real.

"Why were you here?" Pamela breaks her silence with overwhelming curiosity.

The tiny girl glances back "It's a long story but this is the part I've been waiting for. It's as cool as I imagined it'd be!"

"The part you've been waiting for?" Pamela tilts her head slightly. "You make it sound like you planned to be put in here in the first place."

"Do you know where we are?" The kid questions.

"We're on an island known as The White Phoenix. This isle houses the second largest mountain in the world: White's Mountain, hints the name of the key." Pamela response with certainty.

"Correct-amoondo! Do you remember now why you are here, Pamela?"

"Remember? What do you mean? Are you saying that I forgot why I came here in the first place?"

"Well yeah, isn't it obvious that you've forgotten your investigation?"

Pamela stops talking for a moment, processing what she knows so far. "... You make it sound like you know me!"

The child turns her head and faces Pamela still running at a stress-free speed. "Geez, I guess Verta really did do a number on you. You poor thing, don't worry we'll get you in tip-top shape before you know it!"

"I... do know you, don't I?"

An ear-splitting alarm pierces the air. Pamela jumps, whirling around in shock. The massive prison is alive, its floodlights burning away the shadows of the night, furiously searching for its escapees "K-Karen they know we've escaped!" she shrieks as she tries to keep up with her fellow prisoner.

"Ah! You remembered my name, Playmate!" Karen abruptly turns around and pounces on top of Pamela. She buries her head in her breast and rubs her nose back and forth along her stomach like a puppy dog glad to see her master return home.

"Hey, this isn't the time for this! We're going to get caught!"

"Ah, here's your weapon back!" From deep in her pocket emerges a weapon. Karen holds out a SILVER gun with the signet of a greyhound seared into the handle of the firearm. Pamela grabs hold . A sense of familiarity rushes through her vains as she caresses the barrel.

"I'm not your playmate!" Pamela wines, then like a bolt of lightning it all starts to unfold. "Wait a minute, that's right! I remember now, YOU did this to me! You got me arrested because-" A firecracker like noise is heard nearby along with a mechanic buzzing following soon after.

Karen takes hold of Pamela's free hand. "C'mon, we can kiss and make out later. We need to get to the top of White's Mountain before the Rubbermaid-en's find us and take us back to prison!"

Abruptly forced to her feet, "R-Right!" Pamela mutters as they continue towards the mountains slope. Behind them, in the distance of the grassy mountain range, across the vibrant deep blue ocean, the dual moons start to disappear on the other side of the horizon to make room for the two suns to take their place.

Karen hops up gleefully, flipping twice midair. "Thank god, the Supreme Moon and moon are finally going away. Beat that, VERTA!" She boisterously points to no one in particular. "Make room for the Supreme Sun and sun, world of Spectrum! Because I, Karen Gallata, the ruler of the Supreme Sun and the Nacho Supreme will rule the days of this land for all eternity!"

"Stop self-praising and start running, Karen! We're running out of time!"

"Jyaaaaaaa! You are under arrest!" Out of the nearby bushes two machine like creatures with cylinder glass heads cut Karen and Pamela off. Karen halts her dash and shields Pamela with her right arm stretched out. The two metal beings look identical from the barrel bodies, bean stock limbs to their boxy hands and feet. With two large craft buttons for makeshift ears and a sophisticated bulgy black mustache plastered with hot glue for character. They both brandish scorching hot red sabers as they approach, slowly.

Pamela grabs her gut and points at the machines. "HAhahahahaahahahahaah! Oh, my god, they look so funny! I-I...ah...I...I, Hahahahaa!"

Karen stares daggers at her playmate. "Now who's playing around?! These guys are dangerous, we need to focus!" She adds as she readies her cold steel blade. The robots charge at the two, wildly. Karen dodges to the right and with lightning reflexes, she cuts through the first machine. Metal fragments fly in various directions. A deep blue like gooey substance spews across the lime green grass.

Pamela covers her mouth in sheer terror. "UH MY GUD!"

"These are Verta's Rubbermaid-en soldiers we're dealing with. They are dangerous so we must focus, Pammy! I don't want anything happening to you!"

The second bot trembles at the slaughter of it's comrade as it readies a follow-up attack but before it can move the crisp sound of firepower erupts as its glass head explodes. More liquid flies everywhere mixing into the chalky dirt. "Don't worry, I'll protect you too." she boldly declares as her finger releases from the trigger.

"Pammy..." Galleta eyes shine in admiration.

"Now let's go! It's going to be harder now that it's daylight but we still have an investigation to finish!"


Tofu now takes the lead and rushes off leaving the bodies of the two wasted Rubbermaid-en's in their wake.

("Karen is the ruler of the Supreme Sun. That's the second sun in the world of Spectrum. This girl following behind me has the power to create a second sun? That's...crazy. I remember that about her...but I still can't recall how we met. But what I do know for sure is that...We have a mission here...and I'm not leaving unless she's with me...")

Nearing an overpass, Karen spots a small army of Rubbermaid-en soldiers marching along the mountain pathway. The petite girl falls to her knees followed by Pamela as they watch the line of robots canvas the area. "There's nothing we can do about it, we're going to have to fight them to get to the top. Pammy, do you remember how to use "Spectrum?""

With her eyes closed she nods firmly. "Yeah, that part of my memory isn't lost as far as I know. Spectrum is magic elements that coincide with natures forces."

With a fist pump. "Then get ready, I need you to use a RED spectrum." Karen demands.

Pamela tilts her head and furrows her brow. "Why a RED Spectrum, we're in the middle of a dense wooded mountain pathway. We'll cause a fire. The last thing we need is to attract more attention." She sighs.

"The Rubbermaid-en's are prone to shorting out when overheated. You and I are going to make a mini heatwave, Pammy."

"But how are you going to control the heatwave?"

Karen pushes out her petite chest with her small hands on her hips. "I'm gonna use a SILVER Spectrum to manipulate the effects of the RED Spectrum."

A light bulb clicks over her azure hair. "Ah that's right, the SILVER spectrum is an unnatural element. It can even absorb, manipulate, or enhance the effects of the other COLOR elements. So, you need me to generate the RED Spectrum so you can create a SILVER Spectrum to cover it and manipulate the effects?" Wide-eyed, Pamela turns back to Karen. "Clever." she gives a thumbs up as well.

Unamused, Karen puffs her cheeks like a blowfish. "I'm smart! I'm really, really, really, smart! Stop treating me like a pitiable child!" Karen complains.

Pamela ignores her childish banter. She takes her gun and flips it so the greyhound is upright and her hand is clenching the barrel of the gun. A smooth rosy aura gathers around her body then dissipates as fast as it appeared. "Rojo!" A burst of fire appears in front of them. Karen cups her hand around the floating ball of fire. A stainless mist forms softly around her body. Much like Pamela, it dissolves soon after.
"Gin eye!" Karen whispers, the flame becomes a motionless silver as the heat of it expands greatly.

"Incredible." In awe Tofu watches.

"Here we go." Karen sends the stainless flame out towards the group of machines. As they trump in unison guarding the way to the top of the mountain a spark flies out of one of the Rubbermaid-en's. This is followed by a string electricity and steam, soon the entire troop is decimated by a single fiery ball of silver. One by one they all fall sparking on their way to the ground.

"Good work, let's go!" Karen nods as they both continue their journey up the mountain range.

Back at the wasteland of blue substance a boot steps in front of the deranged mess. A short girl around the same height as the illusive Karen, long oceanic blue hair and white as snow eyes step into the scene. Two Rubbermaid-en soldiers lay wasted, one sliced in half and the other with its head shattered in countless pieces. The runt bends down and analyses the situation by mixing her finger into the goop. "Karen Galleta: Ruler of the Supreme Sun... You'll pay for stealing my playmate away from me."

The girl stands up and looks towards the top of the mountain. She reaches in her pocket of her long black trench coat and takes out an old fashion ham radio. "Hello, this is Verta Cheddar. Karen Galleta and Pamela Tofu have escaped the White's Maximum Security Prison. Pamela Tofu is to be captured alive and if be unharmed...As for Karen Galleta...dead or alive I don't care either way. Preferably dead."

Verta lets go of the button to hear a response. A robotic voice seeps through the mic. "Yes, Master Cheddar." the reply is dull yet firm.

"I assume they are heading to the top of the mountain. Let's cut them off before they get there. The last thing we need is those two awakening the Argent Beast that sleeps there. Nuhuu..." She nods to confirm her own order. Cheddar adjusts the antenna on the radio then shoves it back in her pocket. "You'll pay this time, Karen Galleta. I swear on it or my name isn't Verta Cheddar: Ruler of the Supreme Moon."

Voyage 1: White Prison Escape END.


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